Friday, October 17, 2014

Tablets, Tablets, Everywhere!

5th graders are not the only ones benefiting from the use of the Lenovo tablets.  Second, third and fourth graders have also been using the tablets in the computer lab and in the classroom.  Second graders are using them to draw pictures of communities.  Third graders are creating a Fabulous Fall powerpoint presentation.  Fourth graders are using,, and Everyday Math games. 

PreK and Kindergarten are beginning to use ABC this week!  They love the variety of games, puzzles, songs, and videos that make learning basic skills so much fun!  If you would like your little one to use at home, just log in with my username: and the password is vikings.  Happy Learning!

Fourth graders are learning Internet Research skills to find out information about a famous explorer.  From Christopher Columbus to Amelia Earhart, students are giving new life to these adventurers!  Students are using our World Almanac website as well as Enchanted Learning to learn all about their explorer. 

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