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The websites we use in the computer class, and the ones students like the most, will be posted here!

PreK, Kindergarten, 1st Grade


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Shepperd’s Software


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Scholastic News


2nd Grade

 Grammar Practice

Big Brown Bear Parts of Speech
Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives
Kids-Dinosaurs Blog
Kids Dig Dinosaurs
Continents and Oceans
Making Change 3
Making Change 2
Change Maker
Making Change
National Geographic for Kids Solar System
NASA Featured Images
NASA Images
Fun Science Games for Kids
Friendly Letter Writing
Billy Bear’s Butterfly Games
Butterfly Games
Children’s Butterfly Site
Make Way for Ducklings, Boston Public Gardens
Fossil Dig
Cosmic Quest, Planet Pictures
Landforms of the World
Landforms,Face of the Earth
Martin Luther and 95 Theses
Amelia Badelia
Kids Biology
Sheppard’s Software – Animal Links
Cat in the Hat Camo Game
Light and Sound
A Snowy Day
Brown Bear Facts, National Geographic
How Animals Protect Themselves
Animal Diversity Web
Habitats Game – Magic School Bus
National Geographic Kids
Contractions Game
50 States
Winnie the Pooh Poohsinality Test
The Brick Testament
Strange But True Facts About Frogs and Toads
World’s Biggest Frog
Sounds of Frogs and Toads
Frogs for Kids
Poison Dart Frogs
Turtle Diary


Locate the State
The State Capital Test
US States and Capitals
Northeast States and Capitals
Southeast States and Capitals
Western States and Capitals
Hundred Dresses 1
Hundred Dresses 2
Geometry Math Games
Hundred Dresses Activities
Inventions and Inventors
All About Inventors
Simple Machines Games
Simple Machines
African Animals
Learning Games for Kids
USA State Facts
Southeastern States and Capitals
GeoNet Games
Simple Machines Pictures
Simple Machines
Letter Generator
Famous Americans
Biographies for Kids
Mrs. Warners Math
African Animals
Charlotte’s Web Activities
Map of Egypt
Ancient Egypt
Carlos Museum
Walk Like an Egyptian
Native Trees of Georgia College
North American Birds
Human Body  Facts
Tree Pictures and Facts
Sheppard’s Software – Animal Links
Go Round Town – Macon
Georgia State Government
Georgia State Capital
Dig It! The Secrets of the Soil
Stats and Capitals


Social Studies:
Christmas Around the World (2)
Explorer Games
Explorers (2)
Vasco De Gama
Christopher Columbus
John Cabot
Sir Francis Drake
Marco Polo
Kid Info – Explorers
Desert Facts
Deserts – National Geographic
Sonoran Desert Facts
Amazing Space
Funbrain Madlibs
Christmas Celebrations Around the World
North Pole – Christmas Around the World
Christmas Traditions Around the World
How Christmas is Celebrated Around the World
Earth Materials
Mount Everest Facts
Everest for Kids
Deadliest Climb – Everest
Food Force One
The Food Groups Game
Dole Drop and Catch
Freddy’s Sneakeroo
FOSSweb – Water Planet
Christmas Traditions
Christmas Around the World
Exploring Deserts Webquest
Wacky Web Tails
Funbrain Madlibs
Personalized Stories and Mad Libs
Mrs. Warners Math

My Pyramid
Kid’s Health
Mars Exploration Program
Tracking Hurricanes
Animal Classification
Tropical Rainforest
Learning About Rainforest
Layers of the Rainforest
Amazon Rainforest
Rainforest Animals
Painted Desert
Desert Life and Environments
Mojave Desert People
Great Basin Desert People
Gobi Desert People
Sahara Desert People
Desert Vegetation
Plants of the Desert
Sonoran Desert Facts
Animals of the Desert
Desert Facts for Kids
Great Basin Desert People
Animals in the Antarctic
Kids Planet
National Geographic Animals
Arctic Animal Facts
National Geographic for Kids
Why Christmas
Christmas in Costa Rica (3)
Christmas in Costa Rica (2)
Christmas in Costa Rica
Christmas in Chile (3)
Christmas in Chile (2)
Christmas in Chile
Kids Astronomy
Nasa Kids Club
Weather Activities
Scholastic Weather Site
Famous Brazilian People
Virtual Fish Tank
Life in the Sea – Coral Reef and Sea Plants
Biomes of the World
PBS – Secrets of the Ocean Realm
National Park Service


Social Studies:
Myths of the Underground Railroad
Underground Railroad
Miss Brown’s Wiki Page
American Revolution People
Industrial Revolution Inventions
Character Scrapbook
US Senators
House of Representatives
U.S. Government
Capital Building, Image Search
Visit the Capital
Independence Hall
US Symbols, Enchanted Learning
Patriotic Symbols
People of the Revolution
Kid Info, American Revolution
American Revolution (2)
Yahoo Kids
Revolutionary War
Webquest for Africa
From the Mixed Up Files…
Discovery Education Videos
Science Sound Site
Tunes and Spoons
Mixed Up Files Scavenger Hunt
Go West Across America
Mrs. Brown’s Wiki Page
Animal Classification
Presidential Trivia and Facts
White House for Kids
Presidents…The Secret History
Colonial Williamsburg for Kids

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