Thursday, September 3, 2015

Welcome Back to School!

Welcome Back!  It is so good to see all of the children's smiling faces!  We are off to a great start in the computer lab. Please leave your email address in the "Follow by email" box to the right, and each time I update the blog you will get an email so you will know to check it out!  Here is a quick summary of all of our activities!

 PreK and Kindergarten are perfecting their "mouse pointing ,clicking and dragging" skills, and have been using the websites,, and Everyday Math games.

First Grade - We are learning how to change the font, font size, and font color and type our names, make capital letters, type sentences, save and print out Word documents.  We can even add a picture!
Second Grade - We are now taking AR tests on the ipads and in the computer lab.  We have used our Everyday Math passwords to logon to the Everyday math website and play the online games there.  Please let your child play these games on your home computer.  Just go to

Third Grade - We have begun our keyboarding program, called Type To Learn.  We are learning proper hand position and the home row keys.  We have quite a few talented typists in 3rd grade.  We also typed a document in Microsoft Word and used the tablets for the first time this week.

Fourth Grade - We are taking AR tests in the lab in the mornings, and used the tablets for the first time this week.  We created a Word document called "The Best of my Summer" and practiced for the Genre Vocabulary test using the tablets.

Fifth Grade - We are excited to have our tablets to take home.  We are getting the hang of all of the different websites we have to be able to log into and use for homework and classwork.  We  have all created either a fingerprint or a picture password to make logging on easier.

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