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Counselor's Corner, Sept. 8 2016

Counselor’s Corner – September 8, 2016
By: Susan Causey, M.Ed., LPC

Pets are great teachers. They teach children how to care for another living being. Animals are important to God, also. He uses them to teach us many things. We know this through deductive reasoning. Here are a few reasons we know:
·     God created animals. (Genesis 1:25)
·     He instructed Noah to build a huge ark to rescue the animals during the flood. Animals were important enough to save. (Genesis 6:19-22)
·     Balaam’s donkey could see things that Balaam could not and spoke to him. Perhaps our pets can teach us as Balaam’s donkey taught him. (Numbers 22:21-39)
·     The Lord is named “Our Shephard.” We are His “sheep.” This analogy provides a picture of Jesus’ care for us and parallels it to our care of animals. (John 10:14)
·     Proverbs 12:10 tells us “the righteous care for the needs of his animals.”
·     One great day Jesus will return on a white horse (evidence animals will be in heaven.) (Revelation 19:11-16)

I love animals, but especially my Westie, Lucy. She has taught me a lot.  She has taught me what it means to be filled with joy and expression when you see someone you love.  She has taught me to have trust and peace when you are with your master and to have patience as you wait for what you want or need, such as a walk or a meal.
Lucy demonstrates faithfulness even when she doesn’t understand. She is loving and forgiving in all seasons, whether I am happy or sad, busy or relaxing. Lucy enjoys hanging out with me no matter what I am doing and will follow wherever I lead.
She has taught me about enjoying the moment and having fun. When we are walking, she makes me stop, literally, to “smell” (albeit, not the roses.) Lucy has taught me to listen carefully by watching and being in tune to her body language, as this is her language. Watching for an ear turn, a certain posture, or a look in her eye communicates her needs and emotions.

To sum it up Lucy has taught me about love. Thank you, God, for Lucy Love.

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